4 Apr

what have I done…*I could feel my heart pounding the walls of my chest, almost as if it also was trying to get away from me* I looked around the room, the glare from the street light outside looked eerie, mocking me….I closed my eyes, trying to calm myself, all I could see was his face, his eyes, haunting me…

“common don’t be a loser yemi” bisola told me, “its deji’s birthday, finally I get to be in the same room with him without it being considered stalking and God knows you are coming with me”

“dude, why do you want me there” I asked her, “I’m literally no fun, I do not drink or smoke or shag for that matter….yes o, call it what u want, im saving myself for marriage and im so not interested in changing that tonite”

“Look, she said, you got invited, I didn’t, his brother likes you, for god know what reason….and you get to bring a guest…. so if not for anything, do it for me, I haven’t been with someone inna hot minute and…..”

*blah blah blah I thought to myself, bisola could talk for hours, I might as well just give in and go…anything to shut this girl up…maybe ill slip out of the party early…yes, that’s what il do…..* ok bisola oooo, I have heard, il come……

the sound of the music was driving me crazy, immediately we got here, bisola had vanished and I had been sitting alone in the corner gawking for the longest time now…I looked down at the drink leke, deji’s brother had brought me, we had had an argument earlier and he eventually convinced me that one drink wouldn’t hurt… I was so over this party, I had some econometrics problems to solve in the morning…I took one last gulp of the drink, I couldn’t taste the alcohol so yeah, it wasn’t that bad…grabbed my purse and tried to find my footing…*wow, what the hell, why in the world is my head spinning* I thought as I left the party

*one step in front of the other, just keep walking yemi* I could hear footsteps behind me but I refused to turn back…. as I felt the pain come jolting through my back, my face hit the pavement

“Ouch stop that, you’re hurting me….pls…PLEASE”, I struggled “I have done nothing wrong I yelled, I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG”….i whimpered as I blacked out again

*no yemi, you have been through this once before, you cannot let yourself be a victim again, my mind spun as I thought of all the nights my stepdad would sneak into my room and have his way with me, he would ram his cock up me so hard with one hand over my mouth, he would explode inside me and leave me there, shaking, every night….NO, I CANT LIVE THROUGH THIS AGAIN* as he struggled to pull his pants down, I pushed the man off me and ran, I had no idea where the hell I was, out one door and through the next I could hear his footsteps chasing right after me…I looked around the room, there was a table…I ran towards it, and grabbed whatever my hand could reach, he grabbed me, spun me around as the object in my hand came crashing down his neck….once, twice, thrice….i stabbed it….him, over and over till I could no longer feel anything

*the bloody envelope opener fell from my hand and hit the floor as the reality of what i had just done hit me*

Leke’s lifeless eyes looked up at me, his blood splattered everywhere…i stood there shaking, the door to the room creaked further as a person walked in, face hidden in the shadows, calm, crooked, cold….

*please God where the hell am I*

22 Responses to “unknown*”

  1. Nice story……………….

  2. Zara you were raped as a child. 😦

    • Zara at 10:31 #


      buahahahahahahaha X_x

  3. Nonso I beat you to comment. 😛

  4. thetoolsman at 10:39 #

    OMG she actually did it… She wrote a post that had nothing to do with sex… wowwy wow wow..

    Wait, did you write this?


    • Dude rape? sex? I’m sure they are somewhere along the same lines.

    • Zara at 17:58 #

      yes she did it o…

      ….sanmi oMG i cant!!!

  5. Zara at 10:48 #

    *cough* unusual post guys, yeah i know, my supervisor is driving me crazy and i sometimes imagine killing him….


    i have deep issues…

  6. olawunmi at 10:49 #

    I Love love love it… Hmm, who knew u cld write like this… 🙂

  7. Yogi at 10:53 #

    😦 what’s all this darkness? Abeg abeg,I’m not here to read all this kain tinz. Mcheeew.

  8. Wolverine's Daddy at 11:02 #

    so you imagine killing your supervisor after he attempts to rape you … *sips caprisonne* …

    • Zara at 17:59 #

      X_x i hope u choke on that caprisonnne mr. wolf! LOL

  9. ex-whore at 11:18 #

    great stuff…..hope we got a part 2 though. its too good to be left like this.

  10. Ex-whore at 11:24 #

    Great stuff. Hope there’s a part 2 tho. I like d fact dat u brought in a sensitive topic like rape without letting it overwhelm the story.

    • Zara at 18:00 #

      ex-whore….y did you quit? we could have arranged a rendezvous…i know a great place LOL

      tnkz b

  11. MsJulz at 15:37 #

    Nicely done mama. I loved it

  12. Saeon at 19:50 #

    ncQ nice post… you can do all thing through Christ who strengthens you, including blogging without emphasizing on sex, be it kpoxing, kpanshing, romancing, knacking, lion-kinging, sexing, or raping as sanmi suggested earlier… of which how does that even make sense sanmi?

    sha Zara, i’ve milsed you a lot soo much and thought to relay this. *hugs*

    • Zara at 04:08 #

      *HUGS* hey boo, tnkz and yez i hav missed ur big forehead too :p….of which sanmi needs to seek help

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